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Employee care is warm and heart-warming, and health volunteers accompany us!

Release date:2020-05-25 Source:This site Views:1117

   All cubic friends are working hard, in order to improve everyone's health awareness, let everyone more directly understand their physical condition, so that our cubic people can always be energetic and devoted to their work. The Cubic Trade Union specially invited the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine to come to our company to carry out the TCM Health Clinic Activity. Come and see it with Xiao Li!


During the one-week TCM health clinic, the sitting physicians used the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment method of “expecting and asking questions” to measure the pulse, measure blood pressure, check the shoulder and neck, lumbar spine, etc., combined with modern instruments according to the needs of different diseases. Perform conditioning or make treatment recommendations. At the same time, some of the employees' fatigue and sore parts are compounded by pressing, pinching, kneading and other traditional Chinese massage massage techniques, which will help the small partners to relieve work fatigue and fully relax.

In order to help the friends to better find the source of the disease and fundamentally prevent and improve their own health, the physiotherapist popularizes daily health care and health knowledge for employees from the perspective of physiotherapy and health care, and gives professionalism to the diet structure of employees Guidance and suggestions to guide everyone to develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, so as to "prevent without disease, prevent disease and prevent recovery after recovery".

This employee care volunteer clinic was praised by the majority of cubics. Everyone praised the cubic union ’s intimate and thoughtful employee care activities, and said that through the diagnosis and treatment, they can let themselves know their physical conditions in a timely manner and prevent targeted , Strengthen physical exercise, improve unhealthy living habits, actively invest in future work with a healthier body and mentality, meet new challenges, and contribute to the development and growth of the cube.